mundus journalism

a constellation is born:

In 2016 the Mundus Journalism launched its new website and branding. From the design to the stories I really wanted to harness the synergy that is ‘Mundus Journalism’ and channel it into a website that I think reflects the current digital world it exists within. The result is a constellation that is always evolving.


Since 2005 the Mundus Journalism programme has been offering a unique Master’s degree experience, with students studying media and living in at least two European countries. Students on the programme gain an outstanding professional network for life, working with peers from all over the world.

the brief

This was not a re-brand. It has been about harnessing everything that Mundus Journalism prides itself and has been built on, while at the same time evolving the brand into the digital age. The end result; a brand that students both arriving and leaving feel proud to be a Mundusian of.

giving thanks

This has been a massive collaborative effort with endless emails and late night skype dates across oceans to pull this all together. Thank you to the lovely Bettina, Line and the rest of the web development team from Aarhus University for their massive efforts. Last but not least to my partner for having the belief in me to tackle a project like this, you’re truly amazing.